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12 Perception Changing, Behind-The-Scenes Photos From All Three ‘Avengers’ Films

With three already in the bag, fans are at the edge of their seats waiting for Avengers 4 to come to their local theaters next year. Not only have the three prior Avengers films gotten a positive reception from fans and critics, they’ve also done extremely well at the box office with Avengers: Infinity War just crossing over the $2 billion mark.


While we may all be fans of the final product, there’s a lot of work that goes into each and every movie, not only on set but also in post-production. With so much CGI and green screen work used on these blockbusters, behind-the-scenes photos give us a whole new look at how it all went down. We’ve got 12 photos below that will change the way you see some of the scenes from the first three Avengers films.


This Is How We Do It!


The battle between the Hulk and Thor in The Avengers will forever be one of the classic brawls between these teammates. Before we were able to see the action on screen, director Joss Whedon had to get things right on set!


Jump On!


During the battle in New York, one of the most memorable moments was Black Widow jumping on the back of a Chitauri and hijacking its glider. To get the shot, a lot of work had to be done in front of the blue screen and then in post-production. The final product was epic!


Line ‘Em Up


With so much hard work going into all of these films, the cast and crew make sure to take their opportunities to keep the mood light on set. How about an Avengers conga line?


Spader is Ultron


James Spader’s voice and wit were perfect for the role of Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and through technology, we’re able to get as much of him as possible with motion capture.


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