12 Abilities And Weaknesses Venom Possesses That Many Fans Don’t Know

Venom is a very complex Marvel character when you really sit down to analyze the symbiote. It has bonded with many different beings throughout its lifetime, but we are most familiar with its adventures with an Earth-based host named Eddie Brock. Brock has been reintroduced on film in the live-action Venom that opened yesterday (10/5). Played by Tom Hardy, we’ve had an opportunity to see some of what the dual entity can do, but there is still a lot to the character from top to bottom. With that in mind here goes a list of 12 abilities and weaknesses Venom has that you may or may not have known about.



Weakness Against Fire



The Venom symbiote is weak against fire. It’s one of the few things that can be done to take the creature out of its element and make it feel a taste of real fear.


Weapon Manifestation



Although the symbiote is basically a weapon all on its own, it has been known to create weapons for the host to use in battle if it suited their specific battle preference. Spears, swords, and projectiles have all been manifested at will at one time or another in the comicbooks.


Immunity To Penance Stare



Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare gets to the root of the mater and has been known to tear down his opponents by making them feel the full weight of guilt for sins and crimes committed against others. Venom, however, is entirely immune to the Penance Stare.


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