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11 Super Abilities You May Not Have Known Cable Has At His Disposal

Control Over Other’s Mutant Abilities



Cable was once able to stop a fight between Domino and Copycat by turning off their mutant abilities. Take that!


Strong Telekinesis



Again, Cable’s telekinesis is ridiculously strong. So strong that we’ll never be able to see it fully unleashed because of the techno-virus that he has to keep suppressed so that it won’t kill him. To give you an idea of his strength, Cable once pulled the Graymalkin space station out of the ocean with his abilities.


Control Over The Techno-Virus



The techno-virus would have killed him, which is why Cable’s parents sent him to the future for a cure. When no real cure was found, Cable was forced to keep the virus at bay by himself using his abilities which he would have to do for the rest of his life.


Healing Ability



After time traveling and teleporting with Deadpool, the two accidentally merged bodies, which allowed Cable to possess a fraction of Wade’s healing factor for a while. But rather than applying it to himself, Cable was able to heal others which came in handy when he lifted a dark sickness that had possessed Deadpool’s mind.


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