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11 Super Abilities You May Not Have Known Cable Has At His Disposal

Marvel’s Cable has definitely resurged in popularity with the help of Deadpool 2 that was released earlier this year. The film highlighted much of Cable’s ability to fight and outsmart his opponents, but it didn’t really tap into his mutant abilities which were passed on to him from his biological parents, Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Nathan Summers, AKA Cable, was portrayed quite well by Josh Brolin in Deadpool 2, but for your casual comicbook movie fan, there was a lot left uncovered if you look at the original source material. This will undoubtedly give Ryan Reynolds and the team a solid cushion of content to pull from later when it’s time to bring Cable back to the forefront to handle more X-Force related business.


In the meantime, here’s a list of 11 super abilities you may not have known Cable has at his disposal…


Wiping His Own Memory



As an extremely powerful telepath, Cable was successfully able to wipe out his own consciousness in hopes of protecting his mind from being manipulated. All was well, except for the fact that it left Cable in a coma for most of the conflict with the Red Skull. The Inhuman named Synapse was eventually able to restore Cable’s consciousness.


Establishing World Peace



As Deadpool followed Cable through multiple realities and dimensions while brainwashed to destroy his buddy, Wade Wilson came to a Utopian reality where peace reigned supreme and there was no fighting or weapons thanks to that world’s Cable. It creeped Deadpool out so much that he left almost immediately.


Holding Open A Time Portal With His Body



It shouldn’t have been possible, but Cable was able to let go of his hold on the virus that he suppresses telekinetically so that it could allow him to hold open a closing time portal with his own body.


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