11 Strange Facts About Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme And His Body

Before Doctor Stephen Strange dove into the mystical arts and became Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, he was an amazing surgeon. However, his reliance on his hands as the perfect instruments to implement his healing failed him after a brutal and near-fatal car accident. After that, he basically hit rock bottom before the Ancient One was able to share his ways with Strange and show him a new path. Now he protects the Earth and all of its inhabitants for free, and he’s actually pretty great at it.


In honor of the Sorcerer Supreme and what makes him tick, here are 11 interesting facts that you may or may not have known about his physical body.


1.) Strange Created A Monster To Absorb His Physical Pain From Magic Use



All of the magic that Strange performs takes an astronomical toll on his body. The resulting pain had to be expelled somehow, so he figured why not channel all of his pain into a crazy monster that lives under his house. For obvious reasons, this didn’t work out so well.


2.) He Used To Be A Vampire



The Tomb of Dracula #44 featured a crossover with Doctor Strange #14. Strange and Dracula went head to head for a comicbook special and the sorcerer actually ended up being bitten by Drac, turning his physical body into a vampire for a bit.


3.) His Body Has Been Possessed More Than Once



Dormammu is just one of the beings that has possessed Strange. In the 80’s, he lost his left eye after practicing some dark magic. The interdimensional fire demon ended up inhabiting Strange’s left eye socket for a time.


4.) Strange Has Battled With Substance Abuse



After his accident, many writers have included alcoholism as a reoccurring theme in Strange’s life.


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