11 Strange Facts About Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme And His Body


9.) He Had A Huge Third Eye



In the early phases of the character, the Eye of Agamotto appeared on both an amulet and Strange’s forehead.


10.) Hulk Smashed Strange’s Hands



In a fight with the Hulk, Strange’s astral form had his hands broken by the big green guy, resulting in his physical form suffering the same fate. This prevents him from being able to perform certain necessary hand rituals for his mystical spells. This ended up being another time in which Strange was unfit to be the Sorcerer Supreme.


11.)  He Eats Poisonous Food To Keep Him Alive



As a result of all the strain on his body and exposure to mysticism, Strange must sustain himself with poisonous food, the likes of which would kill any other human. Hold on to your stomach!


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