10 Unused Marvel Concept Art Pieces From ‘Millennial Visions’

X-Men: Utopia


In J.H. Williams III’s X-Men: Utopia world involved robots, much like his Captain America: The Artificial American Dream concept. This time, however, the X-Men became a police service, recruiting like-minded mutants, humans, and even robots. Middle-aged Scott Summers and Jean Grey led the team after the previous X-Men stopped an assassination attempt on the president, therefore calling for mutants and humans to co-exist in peace. Storm became headmaster of the Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters, leading a group that included Nate Grey, this world’s alternate version of Cable, as well as Psychedelia. As a result of a horrendous brain injury, Wolverine became far more violent, leading him to take Magneto’s place and establishing a Brotherhood of Mutants of his own.

The Thing: Virtuverse


In Liam Sharp’s version of the Fantastic Four story, reality is entirely based on something called the Virtuverse. The consciousnesses of the living and dead remained in contact in this virtual world, as Reed Richards and Susan Storm lived in love eternally. When Johnny Storm attempted to enter the Virtuverse, his unique genetic makeup killed 8 billion avatars when it was introduced. The Thing would become a hero within the virtual world and absorb The Human Torch’s abilities of pyro-kinesis.

Deadpool: I’m Available


Joe St. Pierre’s take on Deadpool in X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 was bad news for the team of mutants. Sebastian Shaw, leader of the Hellfire Club, contracted Deadpool to assassinate the X-Men. The Merc with the mouth had succeeded in murdering almost the entirety of the team, excluding Wolverine, Banshee, Northstar, and Sunfire. After three years of destroying the X-Men lineup, he took pieces of them to wear as trophies such as a Beast pelt and the visor of Cyclops.

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