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10 Of The Most Powerful Weapons In The Marvel Comicbook Universe




The Nega Bands are most commonly associated with Captain Marvel and were originally created by the Supremor of the Kree. They grant the wielder interstellar flight, increased physical strength, and no need for water, air, food, or sleep, among other abilities.


The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak



The gem was created by one of the eight ancient beings of Octessence, known as Cyttorak. When touched, the gem infuses the user with a portion of Cyttorak’s strength and transforms them into the Juggernaut.


The Cosmic Cube



The Cosmic Cube is known as the Tesseract in the MCU. It’s known for its near unlimited power and ability to reshape reality, energy, and matter at the user’s will.


Captain America’s Shield



Steve Rogers’ longtime shield is crafted from vibranium and has proven itself to be nearly indestructible. It packs a huge punch when thrown at opponents and has withstood attacks from the likes of Thor’s hammer.


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