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10 Important Heroes To Keep Your Eye On In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Avengers: Infinity War is on the horizon and fitting to stage the biggest battle the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen since its birth 10 years ago. It appears to all be coming down to this: the culmination of all the interconnected storylines, relationships with the characters, and ultimately the fight for dominance over the Infinity Stones. Divided they are powerful but collected together they are virtually unstoppable. Thanos and the Black Order are planning to get their hands on them all, and to do that, they will need to go through Earth’s Mightiest heroes to do so.


Marvel recently released individual movie posters to highlight the heroes in line to make appearances in the film. Many of them sport entirely new looks that differ from anything you’ve ever seen before with the heroes. In light of that, check out the list of 10 very important heroes to keep your eye on when Infinity War comes to Earth on April 27th!





Vision is going to be one that needs a lot of looking after when the bad guys come to earth. Not only does he have an Infinity Stone, but it’s literally implanted into his forehead. Who knows what might happen if the Black Order rips it from his face, which is almost how it looks when Proxima Midnight from the Black Order tries to strip it from him in the Infinity War trailer released earlier this year. The last thing Earth needs is the Mind Stone in the hands of these villains.


Black Panther



T’Challa is not only the Black Panther but he is also the King of Wakanda. This is going to make his role that much more important as his African kingdom will stage one of the biggest battles in the movie. Who knows, maybe T’Challa opened up to the world just in time to be able to get some additional input, reinforcements, and resources on site when the fight comes knocking.





Nebula has definitely had a tough go at it with Thanos as her father. He’s basically transformed her into the hot mess that she is, and there’s no forgiving that. She announced boldly that she would make the Mad Titan pay which is why you might want to keep an eye on her in Infinity War. She just might be crazy enough to pull something off for vengeance’s sake.


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