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10 Cosplays That Are Nearly Impossible To Make (But Were Made Anyways)

7. Armored Batman



Out of all Batman iterations, Ben Affleck’s armored Batsuit is probably the most difficult to replicate. First, you have to make the fabric black suit underneath and then think about the extra layer of metal to put over it, and then there’s the lights in the helmet eye holes. The whole costume has the possibility to become a giant mess, but when done correctly, like costumer Adam Ross did, the final product can look fantastic. Although one has to wonder how hot it is under all that metal.


8. Family of Ant-Mans



One obstacle that cosplayers often run into is finding costumed that work for the whole family. It is hard to accommodate all shapes and sizes, especially when each character is a single form. Luckily for families and friend groups out there, Ant-Man has come to solve your troubles! What better costume to wear with people of varying heights than the character who grows and shrinks as their superpower? This awesome group of cosplayers not only sported matching Ant suits, but when standing next to each other, perfectly exemplified the suits shrinking and growing powers! Scott Lang would be proud.


9. Human Torch



Some characters have superpowers that are just impossible to showcase in a costume. You’d think one of those characters would be the Human Torch since mere mortals can’t spontaneously catch themselves on fire. Think again! While this creative cosplayer didn’t actually combust, the costume was still not easy to create. With the help of some foam, paint, and of course, spandex, the flaming look of the Fantastic 4’s resident troublemaker was made to perfect detail. They even added lights to make it look like his eyes are fireballs, too. Who knows how he sees through that, but either way, it looks cool.


10. Spider-Man



The easiest costume can be the biggest challenge, depending on how detailed you want to get with it. The Spidey suit may seem easy to recreate (fan-made suits have existed for decades) but it’s certain details that can take the whole thing to the next level. The latest on-screen iteration of Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, stayed true to the classic look, except one modern modification, and that was moving eye slits. The movement looked great on screen but didn’t seem the be able to transfer to us non-Avengers. That is, until McLean Krieger changed that. It wasn’t simple or easy, but it still happened. Although the full suit is not attached to these prototypes, the seamless adjustable eye slits will surely make all MCU-inspired Spider-Man costumes that much cooler.


What costume was your favorite? Or which dream cosplay do you want to make someday? Tell us in the comments!