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10 Cosplays That Are Nearly Impossible To Make (But Were Made Anyways)

The world of cosplay is no easy field. It may sound like adults dressing up as fictional characters, but when those fictional characters have futuristic metal suits, different colored skin, or extra appendages, the act of dressing up becomes a full-on artistic feat. But leave it to the fans of the comic world to take their favorite comicbook characters, no matter how difficult their outfits may seem, and create their own masterpieces that would make the top Hollywood costume designers proud.


We’ve compiled a list (with the help of our friends at Screen Rant) of 10 cosplay costumes that you wouldn’t expect to look this cool but their creators defied expectations and got it done anyways!


1. Dr. Strange’s Spells



When a character can project magic out of their hands, the average human may think that it is an impossible element to replicate as a mere mortal. Well, not for the person above! This talented cosplayer brought the film version of Dr. Strange and his Eye of Agamoto-powered spells out of the New York sanctum and into the real world. Using LED holograms fans, they perfectly programmed the moving designs so that the fans spin and reveal the spells that Benedict Cumberbatch uses to do all of his magic.


2. Mid-Transformation Mystique



One of the most recognizable X-Men characters is Mystique. Ironic, since she’s a meta-morph. However, as iconic as Mystique is, it is always such a chore to master the blue scales and orange hair that are synonymous with the character. And even with a face full of blue paint, the best part of Mystique is her ability to switch forms in the blink of an eye. That aspect is just what this cosplayer managed to replicate, as impossible as it may sound. With the use of a single contact lens, some wig altering, and a dash of blue face pant (but only a dash) this cosplayer recreated Mystique doing what she does best: transforming.


3. Groot



When you think of cosplaying, you think of the word costume. Meaning, an outfit replicating the character’s you can wear and take off like regular clothes. But when that character is Groot, the tree alien from Guardians of the Galaxy, the outfit isn’t as simple as some spandex and a wig. The artist Calen Hoffman managed to turn himself into a fully grown Groot with the implementation of stilts, paint, foam pieces, and even some real tree bark. The final product was so accurate that he was flown out to the Guardians premiere to show the cosplay off. With a costume this accurate, he is the only one who can say “I am Groot,” and really mean it. Besides Vin Diesel, of course.


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