10 Behind The Scenes Photos From The ‘Iron Man’ Series That Show How The MCU Began


This photo may look like a simple behind-the-scenes shot from Iron Man 3 between Robert Downey Jr. and director Shane Black, but there’s a little more than meets the eye! We can see a glimpse of some of the wiring used for this scene where Stark summons his different Iron Man suit parts to fly him through the air. We can also see that the lower half of his suit is CGI, as shown by the motion capture pants. Guess the suit isn’t all metal after all!



This scene in Iron Man 3 took place on a giant barge at a harbor filled with villains and Iron Man suits, along with the President of the United States dangling from chains in the air. However, you wouldn’t know that from this behind-the-scenes picture! The beauty of acting allowed us at the theater to believe it was a giant scene when it was actually all green screen, apart from this ledge, of course.



The scene in Iron Man when we first see the charm and genius of Tony Stark is when he explains his latest missile invention to a group of soldiers.  That scene would not have had the same impact if the audio was washed out by the noises of the desert. Luckily for RDJ and us, there was a boom mic operator just out of frame to make the audio perfectly clear when Tony says, “The Jericho.”



This between-shots moment between Kevin Feige, Jon Favreau, and Gwyneth Paltrow took place over 10 years ago! Just goes to show how much care has been put into the universe that audiences have come to know and love. Feige, Favreau, and the rest of the creators paid attention to all the details to make this first series great and laid the foundation for what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is today.


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